I have been designing and making kites for over forty years and feel I have it down to a fine art!  Despite appearance these kites are not painted.  I specialise in complex appliquéd kites and often use a special dyeing technique which allows me to obtain tints and shades outside the normal range of colours normally available in ripstop nylon - My favourite kite shapes are the Rokkaku and Della Porta .

My kites are made from quality ripstop nylon. Spars are normally Carbon Tube or Fibreglass depending on the design. All kites come with tails if required buy the kite and bags. The kites shown in the gallery below are examples - either part of my own collection or have been made for customers. As all kites are hand made it is not possible to reproduce these exactly - this is simply a guide to what is possible.

Basically I will appliqué almost anything onto any flat kite. Price will obviously depend on the complexity of the design, obviously the more complicated (and larger the kite) the more it would cost. If you would like to discuss a custom design then contact me. 


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Gt Horkesley


Email:           Phone: +44 (0)1206 271489